Why Is CBI Better Than Police?

Is CBI more powerful than police?

It is yet another myth that the SP of CBI is more powerful than the state police SP.

The truth cannot be farther from it.

While the state police SP has a real authority to take decisions independently, the CBI SP doesn’t.

He is like a puppet who doesn’t run the show unlike his counterpart in the state police..

Why is CBI so powerful?

A similar system is required which guarantees certain independence and stature to the CBI chief, rendering him more powerful than bureaucrats who are quite vulnerable. Such immunities are important if he has to act impartially against the high and mighty.

Is CBI investigation Reliable?

Though the CBI’s FAQs claim a 65-70% conviction rate—“comparable to the best agencies in the world”—if more information was put out, this could be independently corroborated. If the data was further disaggregated, more analysis—on, say, its record in political cases—could be done.

Which is powerful ed or CBI?

The statute’s provisions — granting the agency powers to arrest, and attach properties and assets of the accused, its stringent bail conditions, and making a statement recorded before an investigating officer admissible in a court as evidence, among others – have made the ED far more powerful than the CBI.

What is the difference between police and CBI?

There are a number of differences between CBI and other Police departments in India. Police works under the state governments reporting to the CM of the state. CBI works under central government and reports to PM of the Country. … Police deals primarily with the laws and order problem of the state.

Is CBI very powerful?

The role of CBI is surgical. Both are powerful in their respective places. The CBI investigates the crime in which IAS may be accused and IAS are superior in hierarchy when it comes to protocol in Govt. of India.

Can a CBI officer carry a gun?

CBI officers are allowed to carry gun. … Practically, other department people (CISF, State police) give us the protection in such cases as CBI people are not habituated to use weapons with the same ease as they can.

Is CBI more powerful than IPS?

Though IPS officers are indeed the most powerful officers in the country. They head CBI, CID and all police organizations dealing with crimes of any type. … Sub inspector of CBI have limited powers of investigation of only those cases which are related to central government and which are economic and fraud in nature.

Do CBI officers have uniform?

The agency, officials said, is in the process of procuring the new uniforms. … The new dress code is one step towards this, the CBI official said. Officers have been advised to wear the uniform only during searches and raids.