Who Is The No 1 Player In PUBG?

Who is the No 1 PUBG player in Pakistan?

Star AnonymousStar Anonymous is considered to be the No 1 PUBG player in Pakistan.

He is one of the most famous players in Pakistan and has over 200k subscribers to his YouTube channel.

The real name of Star Anonymous is Mubeen, and he lives in Rawalpindi.

He began his YouTube channel in the year 2017..

Does 15x scope exist in PUBG?

The 15x PM II Scope is a sight type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS. It can only be found in Air Drops. It cannot be found on PUBG Mobile.

How do you kill enemies fast in PUBG?

PUBG Mobile: Sevou’s top 5 tips to get more kills#5 Land in hot places! Depending on the plane route and which hot-drop is the nearest, always try to land in either Novorepnoye, Military Base, Pochinki or Georgopol. … #4 DON’T waste time on looting, let the enemies loot for YOU! … #3 Always have a vehicle and move fast! … #2 Get the Airdrops! … #1 Play solo vs squads!

Which country play most PUBG?

ChinaIn which country does PUBG Mobile run the most? pubg game According to figures from a sports portal, China ranks first with 24% of players, India with 19% and the United States with 12%.

Who is the richest PUBG player in India?

Naman MathurNaman Mathur who is very popularly known as Mortal has become one of the biggest names in the Indian PUBG scene and has proved it as he currently possesses 5 million subscribers and a whopping 580 million combined video views.

Who is the world best player in PUBG?

Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh – Orange Rock (Fnatic) He has been a mainstay in PUBG Mobile Esports throughout its integration in India and is probably the best frontline assaulter to grace the game and is currently at a loan with Orange Rock from Fnatic.

Who is the best PUBG team?

Top 10 Pubg Mobile Teams in the World:Konina Power.Team Unique.Orange Rock.Yoodo Gank.Four Angry Men.Futbolist.RRQ Athena.TSM Entity.More items…•

Who has highest kills in PUBG?

1) RRQ G9: The 2018 world champions’ team leader, G9, tops the kill leaderboard with 55 kills, and is one of two players to have crossed the 10k damage mark. He is also leading in grenade kills, with 10 such points. 2) BTR LUXXY: Luxxy, the best sniper in the world, is not far behind.

Who is best gamer in Pakistan?

Top 100 Highest Earnings for PakistanPlayer IDPlayer Name1.SumaiLSumail Hassan2.YawaRYawar Hassan3.Arslan AshArslan Siddique4.ShreddedPuzzleShahyan Makhdumi64 more rows

How much Pakistan earn from PUBG?

Speaking of the prize pool, the total amount to be distributed is 1,500,000 rupees out of which the winner will get 800,000Rs, the second will get 250,000Rs, 3rd will get 100,000Rs and so on.

Is Levinho Pakistani?

Levinho is a PUBG Mobile player based out of Sweden.

It is illegal to use GFX tools to change the graphics of the game, and usage of the tools can lead to a permanent ban.

Which country has the most PUBG players?

ChinaThe answer to which country plays PUBG mobile the most was China, with most of the players for the game in 2017 from there, followed by India, Japan, USA, and Russia.