Quick Answer: Which College Is Best For IAS?

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Where can I study for IAS?

The following are some of our most popular resources:ClearIAS programs – Know about all ClearIAS programs for UPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interview.ClearIAS Study Materials – Easy-to-Learn online notes from ClearIAS about current and conventional topics.ClearIAS Online Mock Exams – UPSC Model Exams for Preliminary Exam.More items…

Which city is best for IAS preparation?

There are Top 12 Best cities for IAS Coaching in India.Delhi. Delhi – One of the Best City for IAS Preparation in India. … Allahabad. Allahabad is a popular city in India for IAS preparation. … Lucknow. Lucknow for IAS preparation. … Patna. Patna is the best city for IAS Preparation. … Jaipur. … Indore. … Agra. … Hyderabad.More items…•

Which subject is best for IAS in graduation?

For IAS preparation it would be good if you pursue your BA in the subjects like History, Public Administration , Economics , Constitution & Geography. And among these I think Geography & Public Administration are most popular optional subjects for the mains and account for the 50% shares in the final mains result.

Is 1 year enough for UPSC?

The answer is yes. One year is sufficient to crack IAS exam no matter how difficult UPSC exam is. … The IAS exam which is also known as the civil services exam is a government exam conducted annually by the UPSC. 1 year is enough for the IAS preparation if an individual focuses on study with a full concentration.

Can a 12th pass apply for UPSC?

It is not possible to become an IAS Officer right after completing 12th standard! In order to become an IAS Officer, you must apply for CSE exam conducted by the UPSC. You must also crack the exam (preliminary, mains and interview) in order to get selected for the training.

What is the fees for UPSC coaching?

Best IAS Coaching in Delhi with Fees, Fee of IAS Coaching in DelhiIAS Academic CoursesFees StructureCourse DurationPre Cum Mains (GS Pre Cum Mains + CSAT)Rs.1,75,000/-10 MonthFoundation CourseRs.235000/-36 MonthsOptional SubjectRs.48000/-04 & Half MonthWeekend Course ( GS Pre Cum Mains)Rs.120000/-15 Months1 more row

Which degree is best for IAS?

Since the minimum educational qualification for CSE is bachelor’s degree and most of the aspirants are from three-year graduation programs, we will discuss the issue from the perspective of a three-year undergraduate student. For smart aspirants, college is the best place to start preparing for IAS exam.

What is the salary of IAS?

Salary Structure of IAS Officers and IAS Career Path – 7th Pay CommissionGradePay ScaleGrade Pay of IAS officerSenior Time Scale15600 – 391006600Junior Administrative15600 – 391007600Selection Grade37400 – 670008700Super Time Scale37400 – 6700087004 more rows

Is BCOM good for IAS?

The eligibility criteria for UPSC CSE is that the candidate should have a graduation degree from any recognised university in any discipline. So, yes you are eligible for appearing in UOSC CSE exam after B.Com. You can start your preparation with NCERTs of Geography and History of class 6-10th.

Which is the easiest subject for IAS?

List of some easiest optional subject for UPSC based on toppers choices.Optional Subject(Approx) Number of AspirantsSyllabus Overlaps withPublic Administration3000Prelims, GS IIPolitical Science1800Prelims, GS IISociology1800GS I, GS II, EssayPhilosophy1000GS IV. Essay2 more rows•Oct 28, 2020