Question: What Does COP Stand For In Email?

How do you spell police?

Correct spelling for the English word “police” is [pəlˈiːs], [pəlˈiːs], [p_ə_l_ˈiː_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet)..

Is the fuzz offensive?

Much like “cop,” this term is not derogatory. As “the fuzz” is a slang term for the police, possibly deriving from a mispronounciation or corruption of the phrase “the police force” or “the force”. … The term is also referenced in the title of the Supergrass single “Caught by the Fuzz”.

What does PFB mean in email?

Please Find BelowThe Meaning of PFB PFB means “Please Find Below” So now you know – PFB means “Please Find Below” – don’t thank us. YW! What does PFB mean? PFB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the PFB definition is given.

What does COP stand for business?

close of playEnd of day (EOD), end of business (EOB), close of business (COB), close of play (COP) or end of play (EOP) is the end of the trading day in financial markets, the point when trading ceases.

What is the meaning of in email?

at sign (address sign or @) On the Internet, @ (pronounced “at” or “at sign” or “address sign”) is the symbol in an e-mail address that separates the name of the user from the user’s Internet address, as in this hypothetical e-mail address example:

Why are police called fuzz?

The “fuzz” was a derogatory slang term for police officers used in the late 60s/early 70s, popular among hippies. The research I have done states it originated in England as it referred to the felt covering on the helmet worn by members of the Metropolitan Police Service.

What is another word for email?

What is another word for email?electronic mailcommunicationcorrespondenceelectronic messagee-mailE-messageonline correspondenceonline mailchat messagevoice mail

What does EOM in email mean?

End of messageEnd of message or EOM (as in “(EOM)” or ““) signifies the end of a message, often an e-mail message.

What is the acronym COP stand for?

Constable on Patrol“Constable on Patrol.” Others will tell you that it originated in New York referring to the. copper buttons on police officer uniforms.

Why do people put in email?

People use email to communicate with friends and relatives, and it is popular for business communication. … Since email is delivered almost instantaneously, it allows people to communicate far faster than they could by mail, and, unlike phone calls, it allows recipients to respond at their leisure.

Is cop out slang?

Noun. cop-out (plural cop-outs) (slang) Avoidance or inadequate performance of a task or duty; the action of copping out. His disappearance on the day of the audition was just a cop-out. (slang) An excuse made in order to avoid performing a task or duty; a reason offered when someone cops out.

What does 12 mean for cops?

Police are called 12 as a slang term. According to sources, 12 comes from the police radio code “10-12,” which means that visitors are present in the area where police are going. It’s similar to a warning to police that they might have company when they arrive on the scene.

What does COP mean for police?

A cop is an informal term for a police officer. As a verb, cop is used in a variety of slang expressions meaning “grab” or “obtain,” from copping a feel on someone (not recommended) to copping out on going to a party (= not going) to copping to (confessing to) eating the last slice of pizza.

What does btw mean in email?

By the wayARCHIVED: What do BTW, FAQ, FYI, IMHO, RTFM, and other acronyms mean?AFAICAs far as I’m concernedBRBBe right backBTDTBeen there, done thatBTWBy the wayBUAGButt-ugly ASCII graphic50 more rows•Jan 18, 2018

Does cop mean buy?

verb (used with object), copped, cop·ping. to catch; nab. to steal; filch. to buy (narcotics).

What is the abbreviation for email?

Email itself is short for “electronic mail.” Abbreviations can be used to serve a variety of purposes in communication.

Why is it called a cop out?

Cop-out has come to mean an evasion, an escape from facing up to something, but like many slang words it has an untidy history. It first appeared some 500 years ago in the Scots phrase “play cop out” where cop was equivalent to cup, meaning “playing empty the cup” or, frankly, boozing.

What does it mean to cop a squat?

The Online Slang Dictionary defines cop-a-squat as inviting someone to take a seat, sit down and relax. … In some circles its still used today.

What does Hot Fuzz mean?

“Hot Fuzz” is a british comedy-action-thriller movie from 2007, “fuzz” being a derogatory slang term for police. … For example, it would not have surprised me if “hot fuzz” were slang for a beverage or dish.